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About Us Maple Leaf Canada

Avion Surgical Solutions Inc. is a Canadian-based company which facilitates services for patients seeking medical treatments outside their country of residence, with qualified, respected doctors and hospitals in Mexico.


Our aim is to offer high standard medical solutions to patients who wish to combine affordable medical procedures with tourism in Mexico. We have connections with internationally recognized medical institutions and doctors who are highly trained and respected in their fields, as well as links to resorts in safe Mexican destinations for recovery from procedures.


Our Mission


We are committed to offering high quality, efficient medical solutions, at affordable rates in Mexico.


Avion Surgical Solutions Inc. has links to a number of highly trained medical specialists who work in hospitals which are equipped with state of the art technology and medical equipment. The majority of Mexican doctors we are working with have received training in the USA or Canada.


Our commitment is to our clients, working with them to create an experience that exceeds their expectations, by constantly seeking medical professionals and institutions which offer safe and excellent medical services, combined with first rate tourist experiences in safe Mexican environments.


Our Vision


We aim to position Avion Surgical Solutions Inc. as a leading company in the Medical Tourism industry. Our main commitment is to ensure excellence and satisfaction at the highest level for our clients.


Quality Policy


Avion Surgical Solutions Inc. is strongly committed to ensuring the highest quality of service at all levels to our clients. We have a Quality Management System with clearly stated objectives, compliance with high international standards, constantly seeking to improve the services we offer.


Certified Medical Tourism Facilitators


Medical Tourism Association MemberThe Medical Tourism Association, based in West Palm Beach, Florida has Certified Dr. Mercedes Baledon, President and CEO of Avion Surgical Solutions Inc., as one of the first Medical Tourism Specialists in Canada.


We are committed to providing you with top tier medical solutions for your needs. We work with high-level healthcare providers as well as world-class specialists in a wide range of medical specialties.