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FAQ Maple Leaf Canada

What is medical tourism?

Medical tourism can be explained as travelling to a destination other than your own country to receive medical treatment and whilst recovering enjoy a vacation.


Will my Canadian Physician care for me once I have returned after receiving medical treatment abroad?

We suggest that you keep your doctor informed of your intentions to travel for medical reasons, asking her/him if they will care for you should the need arise upon your return.


Will I have contact with my Mexican physician before I leave for my treatment?

In all cases, patients will have the opportunity to have a video conference call with the physician who will be taking care of them.


Can I expect to receive the same quality of medical care in Mexican hospitals as I do in Canada or the United States?

The doctors and hospitals selected by Avion Surgical Solutions Inc. will in every case be of the highest standard. Many of the hospitals have international accreditation and many of the doctors will have received international training.


Why would I use your services instead of going directly to the hospital or clinic in Mexico?

By the time you communicate with us, we have already, researched the best medical facilities available. We have done all the homework for you.


Is there a way of deducting the cost of outside medical services?

It is possible to legally deduct any amount exceeding 3% of your income. If you are incorporated, you are allowed to deduct up to 100% of your medical costs from your ordinary income. Check with your accountant.


What happens if something goes wrong with my medical treatment?

Every surgery has possible risk factors and complication may occur wherever you may be. In order to minimize complications, our team has researched the medical professionals and facilities to ensure the best possible outcomes in all cases.